Oxo-Biodegradable Technology

Oxo-Biodegradable Technology



Landfill and litters solutions

Landfill and litters solutions

National Park - Environment Field Test

Environment Field Test 1   Environment Field Test 2
Initial stage of degradation   Oxo-Biodegradable after 1.2 year
Environment Field Test 3   Environment Field Test 4
Oxo-Biodegradable process   Plant grow vs degradation periods

Garden in Oxo-Bio Bag

Oxo-Bio Bag

Agricultural Seeding Bag

Agricultural Seeding Bag  
R3plas Oxo-Biodegradable plastic product uses thermal, UV and oxidative mechanism to degrade. The oxidation process is similar to burning the plastics and consumes the carbon elements in the plastic backbone.

The degradation process is dependent on:
  1. Concentration of additives
  2. The thickness of material
  3. Type of resin carrier - PE or PP
  4. Level of antioxidant/ UV absorber present in the resin carrier
  5. Presence and level of colored pigments such as carbon black, titanium dioxide,
    opacifiers and colorants
  6. Temperature of the environment
  7. Type of exposure (UV) - under or above ground

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