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Hyper+ Series 3D Printers

Hyper+3  Desktop 3D Printer Hyper+4 Professional Desktop 3D Printer

Low Cost & High Speed

In industrial manufacturing, one of the most cost-intensive and time-consuming process in product development is the production of the tools. Traditionally taking weeks and even months in the producing of tools and in perfecting of details before the first prototype can be presented to your customers.  

With the help of Hyper+ 3D Printer, it is now possible to eliminate this costly and long process. You will now be able to produce the first prototype with hours at a mere fraction of the cost, and gain the competitive advantage of being the first to launch your products to the market.

Customization and Complexity of Design

With Hyper+3D Printer, you can customize products according to your unique needs and requirements. You will be able to build numbers different products according to end-user requirements within the same build chamber. Small-scale production requirements can also be fulfilled. 
Products that were unable to be manufactured due to their high level of complicity in digital design are also now made possible with Hyper+ 3D Printers. 3D Printing will also eliminate the need for cost and labor-intensive assembly processes previously required to achieve certain intricate design features.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

3D printing is an energy-efficient technology that increases the environmental efficiency of the manufacturing process. It generates less waste, thereby reducing the carbon footprint created as compared to traditionally manufactured products.

Education - Think Out of The Box

Hyper+ Series 3D Printers are an integral learning tool today as 3D designing, modeling and manufacturing will be fundamental to our future industries. It revolutionizes the way students create, comprehend and achieve the balance between creativity and practically. It also spurs students to think out of the box and serves as a visual aid for students who are visual and kinesthetic learners.