14th AKU Championship Dog Show
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The Club was founded when we were registered with the Registrar of Companies and the Certificate of Incorporation given on 16 September 1972. Mission is to

  • Encourage and promote the keeping and breeding of purebred dogs and to improve their quality.
  • Educate dog owners of their responsibilities.
  • To promote and encourage dog owners to obedience train their dogs.
  • Organise, regularise and promote competitive canine events.
  • Advance canine interests, its companionship and values.

AKU Championship Dog Show August 2007 – Singapore Expo Hall 5

Winrigo (S) Pte Ltd working with PETAS (The Pets Enterprises and Traders Association) to give away our free Oxo-biodegradable Poo Poo bags to visitors in the AKU Charmpionship Dog Show 2007 to encourage in the pet industry to play an important role in Singapore to save our environement.

The event aimed to promote a better understanding between pet retailers and consumers as part of growing concern to help save our environment for pets.

The successful preserve of  environment requires continued participation of our People, private and public in every level so we create a better living environments for us and pets to live together.