How R3plas Technology will help the environment

Factors that influence the Consumer demands

  • ISO14000 environmental management standards

  • Government influences
    • Voluntary Packaging Agreement, Singapore
      • Officially launch on July 2007 by NEA, National Environment Agency
      • Reduce Packaging waste
      • Based on product stewardship

    • EPEATS :
      • Reduction/Elimination of Environmentally Sensitive Materials
      • Energy Conservation
      • Design for End of Life
      • End of Life Management
      • Sustainable Manufacturing

    • CEPA 1999, Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999
      • Aim to prevent pollution and protect the environment
      • Tools to manage pollution and waste

    • Kyoto Protocol, United Nation
      • A total of 172 countries to date have ratified the agreement
      • Objectives is to reduce carbon dioxide emission by year 2012

    • Banning of thin Polyethylene bags in Sri Lanka
      • Rectifying waste pollution in Sri Lanka
      • Plastic bags clog the sewage canal
      • Lead to flooding and mosquitoes problems

  • Consumer awareness
    • Corporate Society Responsibility
    • Stopglobalwarming.org
    • Global Ecolabelling Network

Global Environmental Problems Expanding Economic Activity, Pursuing Prosperity

Feedstock for the Chemical Industry