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Technical Support

Winrigo (S) Pte Ltd dedicated team of professional staffs are always ready to offer technical assistance to cater to your product in meeting degradation requirement of ASTM standards.
ASTM D3826-98 Standard practice for determining degradation end point in Degradable Polyethylene and Polypropylene using a Tensile Test
ASTM D5510-94 Standard practice for heat agin of Oxidatively Degradable Plastics
ASTM D5208-01 Standard practice for Fluorescent Ultrav
ASTM D6866 Testing of Biomass-based Plastics
ASTM D6866-05 Standard Test Methods for Determining the Bio based Content of Natural Range Materials Using Radiocarbon and Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry Analysis
Consultancy Service

Winrigo (S) Pte Ltd will support our customers in getting the degradable plastics certification from various different certification bodies in different parts of the world. Currently some of the agencies for such certification are:

- Singapore Environment Council (SEC)
- Japan Eco mark
- Japan Organics Recycling Association (JORA)
- Oxo Biodegradable Association